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St. John's Cottages: Gardens & Plants

garden and table
garden and cottages
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St. John's Cottages Garden Plan

The drive is planted with David Austin roses, lavender and alchemilla, forming an edge to the potager.
There are stepover and dwarf apples, vegetables, soft fruit and herbaceous plants, and a yew arch with a shady seat.

The beds in front of the cottages have iceberg roses and lavender and some old shrub roses, one of which was old when we bought the cottages in 1969.
We had to hire a bulldozer to clear the waist high weeds and rubbish.

Each cottage has a cast iron table and chairs outside the front door. You can have breakfast in the sun and tea in the shade as the sun shines on the back of the cottages in the afternoon. In the front you have the herb garden with clipped box and rosemary, and a central pyramid apple tree.
Beyond you can see an avenue of iceberg roses and clipped bays and cherry and pear trees.

The house has a small garden and there are more gardens behind the cottages which I shall be pleased to show you.

If you love gardening, bear in mind that Little (private) Gardens of Sandwich are open on a Sunday in June. There are 5 or 6 and all worth visiting.
On about 12th September, we have the English Heritage Open Days, when private properties are shown. Precise dates - please ring tourist office.

Sandwich Cottages Garden

Sandwich Cottages garden approach


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